Monday, September 24, 2012

Wakeboard Accessory - The Right Gear Matters

When we plan a weekend at the lake we often pay close attention to all the details, like what to eat, drink, who to invite, what to take, in fact a lot goes into the planning. The reason why is after you arrive and realize that you left an important item behind it is too late and usually the lake is too remote to make a quick trip to retrieve it!

The same applies to your wakeboard accessories, which include the proper rope, a good set of gloves, a helmet if you cherish your head and a good vest.

The weekend at the lake it much more enjoyable with the right gear, so before you hit the road on your next lake trip take some time to plan ahead and save yourself some grief.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wakeboard Packages For The Bargain Shopper

Everyone wants a deal and when it comes to wakeboard equipment it is even more important. The cost of going to the lake can be expensive. The boat runs on gas not thanks for the ride, you also have to eat and drink while you are tearing it up.

There is also the competition for other fun toys, especially electronics like phones, play stations and all the other tempting goodies that are pumped out daily!

The best way to get a bargain with wakeboard equipment is know someone that owns a store and they really like you, own your own store or shop for a wakboard package it is the best bang for the buck.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Wakeboard Vests

When a person starts talking safety about wakeboarding the yawns will usually start, safety is boring  when it compares to the thrill of shredding the wakes.
That is until you impact the water and can’t breathe, or the board slams into your side and you think you may have broken a rib. Been there done that!
It is at times like that you start thinking about wearing gear that can protect your head and rib section.

Missing out on a lot of boarding because of an injury that could have been avoided with the right gear is sad.

One final thought if you regard your body as an important part of your lifestyle then don’t go cheap when investing in protective gear.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wakeboards for Women - Is There A Difference?

A wakeboard for a woman is different from the men, in terms of size and design however the functionality is the same. The wake is not going to know the difference between a man and a woman!

Factors include the height, weight and physique of the individual. Since a woman may weigh less than a man and the average woman is shorter than a man, a female wakeboard may weigh less.

In regards to the wakeboard binding, in case of a women’s wakeboard, the binding is slightly narrower in the heel as opposed to a man.

The wakeboard designs may also lend themselves to female taste especially when it comes to color.
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wakeboard Towers

When purchasing a tower, ensure that it is built according to your wishes. Note the materials utilized for construction. It must have a reasonable balance of style, sturdiness, and utility. Also ensure that the tower has complete instructions regarding how to attach it to your watercraft. Even a little defect in workmanship can have terrible results at a high speed over rough water.

One great alteration that wakeboard fans have done with these towers is installing speakers. With these, even the driver and riders can hear their music while riding or being towed by the wakeboard boat. If you would like to install speakers, take into account they must be powered by a good amp. The boat produces a lot of noise by the water and wind. With loud speakers, you might hear the music over the noise. Just make sure that the speakers you install are water resistant and weatherproof.

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Selecting Your Wakeboard

Before buying wakeboards it's really important to think about some basic criteria like the physical structure and weight of the rider. It is very clear that larger boards are required for heavier riders. If you are a first time user who is still learning the art of wakeboarding, then a larger board turns out to be handy because it will provide more assistance in maintaining your balance starting out.

Due to the technological advancements you may come across numerous wakeboards with different designs. Each having their own characterise for your equilibrium and maneuverability. Some of them provide awesome acceleration and a number of them provide for better tricks and they may be round or square in the front. Therefore it is up to you to select which one of them suits your style.

The wakeboards are usually made of two sorts of material, foam and honeycomb. From a different perspective the boards made up of honeycomb are costly and much lighter. Most sell their board with custom fitted fins and bindings, but if you've got any special preference than you might have to spend more on these. Bindings are one thing that is a important component of your board as they align your legs with the board and provide balance. 

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Wakeboard Boots - Be Selective

If you'd like to actually have a full wakeboarding experience then you've got to get wakeboard boots to go with the rest of the gear. There are several things you have to keep in mind when you decide what kind of boots that you need for wakeboarding. They change according to the fit, the flexibility as well as how they will go with your board and the way in which you stand on your board.

When you're choosing your wakeboard boots, you should look at the way the binding plates as well as the inserts have been set up. Years ago it used to be 8", now there are different sizes to both the binding plates as well as the inserts. 

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